Righetti vs. Paso Robles – Boys Tennis


Carys Tomillo

The boys tennis team for Righetti took home a big win this week beating Paso Robles on Tuesday, then again on Thursday. After losing terribly last week against SLO, they needed these wins to make them more confident in their next matches. Although our warriors have a bye next week, they will continue to practice hard to earn their way to the top.

Righetti’s boys tennis team is also looking for more players. So if you’re looking for a sport to play, then come on over to the courts. All you have to do is show up and introduce yourself. At the moment they’re taking everybody that they can get. As far as the mask mandate, you don’t need to wear one as long as you’re actively playing tennis. In different counties they require you to wear them whilst playing.

The practices are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:15 to 5:00. Anybody can go, but as of right now the boys team, like I said before, needs more players ASAP. Down below will be some action shots I got from Tuesday’s match.

Student Athlete Zimin He winding up for an ace against his opponent.

Noah OrtizĀ  blocks a net shot scoringĀ  a point for himself.