When Will Theatres Open?

Yazmeen Gonzalez

Movie theaters all over closed their doors a year ago as this pandemic swept the globe. Movie theaters elsewhere in the U.S. have been open for months, including in Florida, Texas, and Ohio, but box-office results have not been so good. Many theatres In California have opened, however, the two in Santa Maria have not. Well, I have good news for you movie lovers; the Regal Cinemas on Bradley Rd, has announced their reopening on May 21, 2021.
With more theaters reopening it will also mean more jobs for people to go to. AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan says the company is welcoming back employees who were working for it prior to theaters being shut down, as well as bringing in new workers. All will be trained on its cleaning and safety protocols, which include social distancing and automatic seat blocking in each theater, mandatory mask wearing, hand sanitizing stations, upgraded air filtration, contactless ticketing and mobile ordering for food and drinks.