10 Interesting Sights on Google Maps

May 12, 2021

Google Maps is a wonderful way to find any location you’re interested in. It allows you to explore the world entirely from your own screen. One moment you can be in California, and with the simple touch of a button, you can then find yourself in Egypt! You can find almost anything on Google Maps, including some pretty interesting sights, such as land art or even ship ruins in the middle of the ocean. The possibilities are (almost) entirely limitless with Google Maps. With the 360 degree street view feature, satellite imagery, and aerial photography functions, you can find just about anything in the world. Here are 10 interesting locations and sights found on Google Maps, with coordinates provided:


  • Giant Pink Bunny: (AKA The Outline of the Pink Bunny) Is located on an unnamed road near a forest in Prato Nevoso, Italy. The giant, decaying bunny is a 200 ft long knitted art installation built by Gelitin, a group of artists from Vienna. The large bunny is meant to also be a tourist attraction, so if you ever happen to find yourself in Italy, don’t be afraid to visit this scary-yet-harmless looking bunny! Coordinates: 44.244462, 7.769513

  • iLocked Escape Room + Saw Puppets: Located in St. Petersburg, Russia. If you go into “Street View”, you can find puppets from the movie Saw on tricycles posing for the Google Maps camera as well as pictures from inside a Saw-themed escape room by the Russian company iLocked. As you’re in street mode, you can explore part of iLocked’s building, where you can see cloaked figures, Saw puppets, clowns, and other creepy findings as well. Coordinates: 59.921104, 30.3506614

  • Ominous Dirt-Carved Symbol: (AKA Hide and Seek Ring) Located in Nye County, Nevada, this mysterious crop ring stands alone in the middle of complete desert. Not much else information is provided about this place, which just makes it even more intriguing and mysterious. Coordinates: 37.401573, -116.867808

  • Mermaid on Rock: (AKA Sirena ng Atimonan) Located off of a highway in Atimonan, Philippines, this realistic-looking mermaid greets visitors and tourists alike. The scenery surrounding the mermaid rock is also quite beautiful. Aside from the mermaid, mostly tropical scenery as well as the occasional hut can be seen along the highway. Coordinates: 13.99637, 121.93356

  • Shark Crashed into a House: (AKA The Headington Shark) Is located in Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom, where you can find a large sculpture of a shark’s body crashing into the rooftop of a house. This particular spot is quite popular for photo opportunities. The sculpture is 25 ft tall and was created by John Buckley as a tourist attraction. Coordinates: 51.75894, -1.21328

  • Staircase to Nowhere: (AKA Architectural DNA) Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. This floating staircase actually has some vivid history. Originally, it was a fire escape for the Marion Hotel in Oklahoma City, and was then later salvaged and turned into an art installation by Fitzsimmons Architects of Oklahoma City. The staircase suspends in air over an alley between 2 buildings. This would also be a great spot for a photo-op. Coordinates: 35.47816, -97.51479

  • Upside Down House: Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. This upside down house is a popular tourist attraction which is an inverted replica of a bright and colorful home, with even furniture and other appliances arranged onto the ceiling inside of this incredible structure. The house was built in 2012 and has been standing (upside down) strong since then. Visitors can also go inside the house with a purchased ticket and explore the unique interior. Coordinates: 43.09233, -79.07497 

  • Close Up of a Fish: Located in the waters of the Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, if you go into “Street View” you can find yourself staring at a close up of a fish’s face! Besides the obvious fish taking up the camera view, you can also find beautiful blue and clear water surrounding, mounds of vibrant coral, a few schools of fish, and even a scuba diver. Estimated Coordinates: ~5.86258, -162.06432 

  • Goatman Playing a Guitar: Located on a street in Hagi, Yamaguchi, Japan. If you go into the “Street View”, you can find yourself on a secluded road, surrounded by beautiful sunlight and scenery as well as a… man with a goat mask playing a guitar? This hilarious sight greets you as you enter the street view and makes for a great Google Maps “easter egg”. Coordinates: 34.347666, 131.503291

  • Human-Shaped Lake: (AKA Lagoa Humanóide) Is located in Langanca, São Paulo, Brazil. Locals believe in the theory that this human-shaped lake is actually the imprint of a giant or alien who fell from Heaven and into the ground, creating this large crater, and as time has gone by, the crater has been filled with water, creating this human-shaped lake. But actually, this lake was artificially made to look like a giant human on purpose. Coordinates: -21.805269, -49.090058

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