No More Mask?

Yazmeen Gonzalez

Its been over a year now since California required people to wear masks in public places. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that most of state would stop requiring people to wear masks in almost all circumstances on June 15,”For indoor activities, we will still have, likely have, some mask guidelines and mandates,” Newsom said, “But we hope sooner than later, that those will be lifted as well.” The guidance requires people to wear a mask when gathering indoors with people who are not vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people can meet indoors without wearing a mask. The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board is considering changing its workplace mask rules later this month. The new rules would not require employees to wear masks indoors if all workers are fully vaccinated and no one has coronavirus symptoms. The rate of people testing positive for the coronavirus in California is just 1.1%. More than 14.6 million people are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, and another 5.1 million are partially vaccinated. No more running back inside the house because you forgot your mask.Masks and Shields: A Breakdown of COVID-19 Armor