What Was it Like Getting the COVID Vaccine?

What Was it Like Getting the COVID Vaccine?

Kai Barr, Writer


As we all know, COVID is sort of a hot topic in our lives. After all, it’s sort of the entire reason we’ve been in quarantine for the past year or so. Well, since vaccines are now authorized for emergency use on people down to the age of 12, I thought it would be time to get it myself.


So, this brings me to the important question. The big, mega-important question. The one that you came here and didn’t come here for me to pull an ADHD moment and just ramble on and on about something pointless and random. You came here to read about something topical. What is this important question? Well, if you’ve read the article title, you know!

What was it like getting the COVID vaccine?


Well, getting the vaccine itself wasn’t this bad. And I say this as someone who’s scared of needles. How scared am I of needles? Well, I’ve passed out before, so…yeah. Anyways! The vaccine itself took like…two seconds. My brother and I got it at the same time, and my brother’s reaction was entertaining.


Mostly because he started laughing.


Full-on laughing. I’m not kidding, he was laughing. Which made no sense. Obviously, it was nervous laughter, because he doesn’t like needles either. Then, we had to sit around. My arm hurt like my other brother and I had gotten into a fight and he’d jokingly punched me in the shoulder a bunch of times. Honestly, it was more annoying to me than anything else. Other than that, I wasn’t too worried.


We had to wait around for about fifteen minutes afterwards. Obviously, this is because they didn’t want us to go into anaphylactic shock. That would not be fun. I’ve already dealt with being in a weird state from being hypoglycemic before. That wasn’t fun, I doubt anaphylaxis is, either.


Anyways, after that, we went home. Neither of us had any adverse reactions, so we were just vaccinated! That was that! It took like two seconds. So, you know, that would be nice and simple, just like all the vaccinations in the past, right? Just have it done and over with, not get any effects. Right?


Yeah, no.


My immune system just went “lol, NOOB” and decided to react. Of course, this obviously meant that my immune system was doing what it was supposed to. It was reacting to the vaccine and making sure I had an immune defense against the bad thing.


Of course, this mostly came about when I tried going to bed. Not only was my arm hurting to the point it was impossible getting to sleep, but I had a bit of a headache. And then I think I slept, but I don’t actually remember sleeping. I woke up like the whole night. Kind of horrible, in all honesty.


The next day was spent feeling a bit sick, which also wasn’t very fun. Then, even worse, one of my family members ended up using all the Tylenol, so I couldn’t actually have anything for the arm or the headache. Which was fine, I took a nap and slept for a while.


Ironically, you want to know what happened within two days?


I felt absolutely fine. I was a bit tired, sure, but otherwise, I felt totally fine. And that’s pretty much it, honestly. It’s not that bad, at least in my experience.


That’s pretty much it, y’all. Thanks for reading!


Y’all can get your vaccines at the school. I encourage you to get it if you can! It’s worth it and also it helps other people!