Big Bear Ski Resort Review

Brandon Plastino

Big Bear ski resort is one of my personal favorites to visit. It’s only 4 hours away from Santa Maria and has a ton of Ski runs. As well as an amazing park section. I’m going to break down what I specifically think is so good about this park.

One of the main reasons I love this ski resort is the drive there. It’s filled with beautiful scenery and great views while going up the mountain. Not to mention they have tons of food choices and a bar when you get there. Although it is a little pricey and I would recommend bringing your own food . Their top elevation is 8,000 and is worth every second of is descending. The Terrain Park is really diverse and has a ton of obstacles and also they accommodate it  so it’s not out of the way and is flowy with the rest of the run. Usually the snow is a little icy in the mornings but gets softer in the afternoon. Also they have a rental and repair booth that’s located in the lodge and helps with whatever you need.

Overall I would rate this park a 8/10 just because I think the snow conditions could be a little better. The staff is good though and really helpful. Combine this with the semi short drive it takes to get there and you will have a blast. See the source image