5 Fun Things to Do in the Sims 4 Over Summer Vacation

(With Pictures Taken by the Author)


Kai Barr, Writer


Hello! This is the last article of the year from me. Unfortunately, it might also be my last article for good (RIP cat genetics article, you will be sorely missed wherever you are, lost in the many drafts banished somewhere on my black hole of a flash drive). Depends on whether or not I can whip something up before graduation (let’s go Class of 2021! Whoop whoop!)


As my fellow Journalism class group chat members already know, I’m somewhat obsessed with a particular game called Sims 4. It’s infamous for its many memes, thanks to EA deciding they do in fact want every single penny we will give them. And I paid like twenty dollars for the game and the Cats and Dogs pack, and then got the Vampires and Realm of Magic packs because I like dogs, I liked the clothes, and I really wanted to check out the magic pack because it looked interesting. We’ll see if I got my money’s worth.


Anyways, here are five fun things you can do with your Sims 4 world, based on my own experiences! Without further ado, let’s begin.


  1. Make Your Family—but not Your Family.


Featuring two vampires and a spellcaster, this is decidedly not my actual family. And also features a friend of mine. Yes, the name of the family is “We’re All Normal Here/s” because the /s tone marker means sarcasm. Fun story, I moved them into the bigger lot because I am not going to spend two hours building a house when there’s ones already made and much better decorated than my usual tactic of window and potted plant spam. Anyways, my oldest brother (red hoodie) is a vampire, and he walked into the house and sat down at the chess table because I didn’t want him to burn to death. Once he proceeded to have free will, he decided to turn around and walk out of the house and proceed to start burning again immediately.

I worry for my Sims’ health sometimes.





  1. Accidentally Make Your Film Teacher by Random Generation


Pulled this guy up when making a random family. All I can think of is that he looks like Mr. Gustafson (love you, Mr. G. Hopefully I can still keep a good grade I mean no offense by this.)

On the topic of randomly generated Sims, because I’m way too lazy to mess around and just do hairstyles because I prefer gameplay over Create A Sim—





  1. The Above, But Apparently with YouTubers? (Featuring Jack Manifold, Apparently)


Maybe it’s just me, but is this not Jack Manifold? Anyways, I gave him freckles and a dog named Pumpkin, so hopefully he has fun in Vampire Hollow.





  1. When Vladislaus Bites Your Sim, Make Him Bake a Cake


Apparently, this man hates baking. Which, honestly, makes it all the funnier that I made him a chef. Guess someone’s going to have to get over that dislike.

He deserves it. Either way, is that not one of the best faces you’ve ever seen? He’s so angry!

(That was for my sim, you discount store Batman!)





  1. Randomly Generate a Bunch of Sims and Watch It Go


The last I remember with this, some of them were doing pretty well but one of them already had two sworn enemies. I only stuck around for about two days and he’d fought them both. But hey, none of them have died yet, so I’m doing something right by doing nothing!





Or some other pictures, including a vampire in a cowboy hat, giving Vlad the FitnessGram Pacer Test as an epitaph, and…whatever face that is. It’s like Finn Ryder’s smolder…but significantly worse.





Just hopefully you don’t end up this tense.





Anyways, that is it from me! Have fun, I hope you have a lovely summer. Y’all are loved and appreciated and awesome and amazing, and take care of yourselves! You’re important!


Happy Pride Month!