Least Visited Place in the World!


Aidan Murguia, Writer

Have you ever wondered what the least visited place in the world is?  Well today is your lucky day! Tuvalu is least visited place in the world with a whopping population of 11,648 as of 2019. Tuvalu is right between where Hawaii and Australia is In the South Pacific Ocean. The funny thing about this island is that its in a shape of an L. And only surrounded by Water and nothing else but water. The people that live in Tuvalu Are very humble due to the lack of people that visit as well and live there. The Tuvaluan’s are Polynesian And they mainly speak Tuvaluan but most of them can speak English as well since in school they teach English.The culture of them involves Brief newsletters but not news papers. They usually live in small villages with a few 100 people at a time. In their free time they like to tend to their garden and come up with way to play their favorite sports like volleyball, cricket and soccer. When it comes to when sunset is in Tuvalu, the locals take over the extra space they have near the runway sine they know they won’t have any planes coming in. Those are their favorite Things to play when they all have time and no planes are coming. The most passionate thing they love doing is dancing to music and music creation. They all do these activities together.

One day we'll disappear': Tuvalu's sinking islands | Global development | The Guardian

With the specific shape of the the small island, The people of this island are very aware of the rising waters that will be happening in the coming years they have been preparing and are somewhat ready for what might happen. Sine they live basically in the middle of nowhere have built a runway for planes to come and go. This runway goes along the whole large portion of the island.

Every place in Tuvalu is openly communal and is very acceptable to everyone. Everybody shares everything. If one family goes fishing they fish for other families that are in the surrounding area that they decided to set up their home.

All in all Tuvalu is a beautiful place and filled with kind hearted people that will treat you like you’ve lived there your whole life and bring you in like family. If you ever consider Tuvalu as a place to travel in the future it would be a fantastic idea!