Things Peers Are Looking Forward To This Year

Things Peers Are Looking Forward To This Year

David Beas, Writer

With the new school year ahead there are lots of events students will be looking forward to. For some this is the first month of being on campus in almost 2 years! For everyone this is the first time school has been back to normal (for the most part). It’s still not completely the same as before because now we are wearing masks, but besides that everything is how it was. Football games, basketball games, clubs, and rallys, there are so many things we haven’t participated in in so long that are finally back.


I have decided that I will ask my friends what they are most looking forward to this year and if they’re excited for in person school or prefer online school. First I asked my friend Alondra, she said, “ I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people because we have been gone for so long, but i prefer online”. Next, I asked my friend Aaron, he said “ I play football and am looking forward to friday night football games again and seeing all the people in the crowd. I also prefer in person school”. I also asked my friend Michyela and she said, “ I am looking forward to the rallys and also football games because they are a lot of fun. I don’t mind online, but I think I like in person school more”.


Personally, I am most looking forward to the football games and prom (if we have it). I am just trying to go to all the school events since this is my last year in highschool. I don’t want to graduate with any regrets like ah man i wish i would’ve went to blah blah blah. For example freshman year i didn’t do that much, but sophomore year i went to homecoming and a lot of the football games and realized how fun they can be. So every year I try to be more outgoing instead of making excuses to not hang out with friends or go places.


After all my interviews, I have concluded that people are mostly looking forward to the football games and also most prefer to go in person and not online. I think everyone is just glad to be back and not staring at a tablet screen all day