Tame Impala

Aidan Murguia , Writer

Tame impala is an alternative song writer and performer. Tame impala is his stage name. His real name is Kevin Parker. Parker started his music career in 2007 when he was 21-22 years old, His first song he ever released “Sundown Syndrome” and was also one of his better songs. between the years 2008 and 2010 he came out with multiple songs. He finally came out with an album on May 21, 2010. That album was called “InnerSpeaker”. “InnerSpeaker” was his first time he blew up as an artist.  But, That was definitely not his off the charts album. About 5 years later Kevin came out with his all time off the charts album called “Currents”. Multiple songs on there were making the top of charts on every record label for all genres. The song he is most known for is on there as well, its called “The Less I Know the Better”. On YouTube the song has about 62 million views! Thats only on YouTube, Imagine how many plays it would have if you added Apple Music, Spotify and other music streaming places. Tame Impala is a very important person to me. While COVID-19 was at its peak he was the only artists music that would make me feel alive again. The songs that made me feel that way and as well as the songs I recommend if you’ve never listened to him before would be: Let It Happen,Cause I’m a man, Eventually, Elephant and It Might Be Time. There is so many more songs that are just as good as these but these are the main songs that I love so so much.

Tame Impala reschedule 2020 Australian Tour - Music News - triple jKevin performs in all types of concerts made for everyone. As of writing this article he is currently on tour going all over the United States. I was planning on going to one of his concert but all the good seat tickets were all sold out within 5 Hours and my friend and I couldn’t get the tickets in time. My goal in life is to see him perform at least once is my life, If not more them 3 times. I watch all his concerts online and the visuals all look super stunning and beautiful. Kevin Parker is a very talented musician and you should definitely give him a shot with his beautiful music.