Senior Year Bucket List


G. Cruz

This school year is well underway at Righetti High School, and for seniors, it’s the last. As those of you who are in your last year begin to prepare for the next chapter of your life, whether it be college, the military, or heading off to the workforce, don’t forget to enjoy these last months of your high school career. Here’s a list of activities you should consider partaking in as you walk this last leg of high school:

  1. Attend a sports game: While most people don’t find joy in sports themselves, a school football or tennis game can still be a fun time to hang out with your classmates.
  2. Join a club: There’s more than 50 clubs available at Righetti, and if any aren’t to your liking, make your own. All you need is a teacher signature and an idea. 
  3. Go to a school dance: While I admit school dances aren’t my favorite thing, they could be yours. (And if they aren’t go to an after party or something) 
  4. Grad Night: Grad Night is a Senior only trip to an amusement park, this year we are most likely to attend Disneyland (if miss COVID permits).
  5. Senior Sunset: Senior Sunset, while it is not a school sponsored event, is an activity students organize every year at the beach. Often this includes a bonfire and a last get together of friends. 

If none of these activities interest you, feel free to create your own list of things you want to do before the end of your Senior Year!