Rex Orange County

Aidan Murguia

Rex Orange County is an artist. His real name is Alexander James O’Connor. Born in Grayshott, United Kingdom on the 4th of may in 1998 making him today only 23 years old and very successful. He is a solo artist but when he goes to concerts he invites his friends for his drummers and extra vocals and bass for his songs. The plays around 5 different genera’s and they are: Indie Rock,Hip Hop,Jazz, Lo-Fi,Pop As well as Soft rock. With a little a heavy focus on bedroom pop. Alex got his stage name Rex Orange County from a high school teacher. It started from “OC” from his last name being O’Connor. His love for music grew when he was little. His mom was a choir teacher and at a young age he was put into the choir class  and enjoyed it very much so everyday he was there. When he was sixteen he started to rlly take and make his music seriously. His first hit album was “Pony” in 2019. It features many of his tops hits like Pluto projector and Face to Face. These are the songs he is somewhat known for but his all time known song is Loving is Easy and corduroy dreams.

A Valentine's evening spent with Rex Orange County – The Crow's Nest at USF St. Petersburg