Aidan Murguia, Writer

Claire Cottrill better known as Clairo is another musican that is made for bedroom pop. Claire was born on august 18, 1998 in Atlanta,Georgia malinger her 23 years old today. She started to write and produce her own music when she was only thirteen in her own bedroom. she started to record her voice on her MacBook that she had. Claire had a few singles out by the time she released her own music album in 2015 named metal heart. When she released ,metal heart she also had one of her top songs named “bubble gum” This song is very popular on tiktok and it is a reoccurring audio every 6 months. Claire is very nice to all of her fans. She would always greet her fans even while on stage and singing and performing. Clairo has had lost of music and albums released her most popular are “Sofia”,Flaming Hot Cheetos”, and “bags” All of those songs are very beautiful and popular as well. But “Pretty Girl” is her most known song that most people recognize. This song was produced and also filmed on her MacBook of just in her room dancing. Claire has also collaborated with lots of people and artists.  Two of them including Cuco and Wallows. With Cuco the most popular Song was called “Drown”. With Wallows the most popular song they have is “Are You Bored Yet”.  The song With Wallows made top charts earlier in 2020.

Jumping From YouTube To Festival Stages, Clairo Is Of A New Generation Of Artists Making The Internet Work For Them | WBUR NewsThis photo is Claire, Not only is it her but its also her album cover for her album named “Clairo Diary:001”