Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich Review


David Beas, Writer


Okay, so recently I saw a commercial about Jack In The Box’s new item, The Cluck Sandwich. Me, being a chicken sandwich connoisseur, I knew I had to try it and see if it was actually good. I decided that yesterday I would go. I went to the one on Orcutt Rd, which is the Jack In The Box I usually go to when I’m hungry after school. So, I went and I ordered one and noticed it was 5 dollars. That’s pretty standard price for chicken sandwiches so I was excited.  


I get home, and I sit down, ready to eat this brand new chicken sandwich. My expectations are high and I’m in a good mood. I open up the bag and take it out. The bag design was very pretty. Which added to my high expectations. But I took it out and took a bite and all those happy feelings went away, it was awful. Okay I might be exaggerating, but it wasn’t good. It had a weird taste to it, I think it was the sauce. I gave it to my mom because I couldn’t finish it. Easily the worst chicken sandwich I’ve had.I most definitely will not be getting it again, and bless the hearts of any person who genuinely enjoys it. 


2/10 Very disappointing