My Dog Roxy


This article is dedicated to my dog, Roxy. We adopted her from an animal shelter who told us she was found by herself on the side of a road laying in a puddle of water. Upon first getting her, shelter estimated her to be about 8 months old. She is a border collie mutt. She hasn’t gotten ┬átested to what her actual background is so we don’t know exactly what she’s fixed with. I suspect that she’s mixed with English lab because she’s very chonky. Or she might just be overweight. We’ve been helping her lose weight, but she hasn’t changed at all

With that out of the way, some of Roxy’s favorite things to do are play fetch, pick on her little sister Mia, get belly rubs, and run in open fields. Her favorite toys are ropes and tennis balls. Despite her being overweight, she still loves running as fast as she can to try to catch gophers. Although when she is home, she’s usually snoozing on the carpet. She’s is definitely a smart dog who knows a few tricks ranging from sit to shake hand, or paw lol.

Here is Roxy when she was 8 months old. Looking back at this, I think she just got fat. As you can see she is still floofy and in this picture skinny.

Now a few words from Roxy herself, “Woof woof give me treats woof woof”