Varsity Girls Tennis Goes Undefeated


Our lady Warriors went undefeated the whole season in tennis for the first time in years, thus placing them at the top of the Ocean league. The team has worked very hard to get to this point and are awaiting the preliminary matches as well as final matches.

The preliminary matches went well for our singles players. All of the singles players went through. Our number one singles ended up placing third best for the whole league. Sophia also placed in the league at number 5. Congratulations to them.

Unfortunately, one of the doubles pairs didn’t make it through as they had to go against Pioneer Valley’s number one doubles team. If they did win they would have had to go against Orcutt Academy’s number one doubles. Tough luck. Rigehtti’s number one doubles got a bye which was like an automatic push through to the finals because there was no chance of them losing their first match. Although they went on through to finals, they did not end up placing.

The upcoming CIF matches fall on the week of 10/25 which is right after the preliminary and final matches. In CIF matches, school will play as teams instead of individual players. Our first opponents will be against Porterville.

Special shoutout to Coach Baldwin, Coach Grijalva, and Coach Neil. These teachers and volunteer coach took extra timeout out of their day just to help train the team to be the best that they can. Sometimes staying after practice is over to help improve some of the girls’ techniques.