TV Girl

TV girl is a band group consisting of 3 people who were friend before they made the band. They started in 2010 and are still making music to this day, The names of the people are Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon. They formed their band in San Diego and have done that for a while now, But more recently they moved and are now based in Los Angeles. The group had always decided they wanted to start a band so they did and they didn’t do to well until about July of 2021 where their audio on tiktok went very viral with people showing their sadness and happiness and all the emotions that the songs bring out for the people. most of their dongs are based on what they have gone through personally and their experiences and The most popular songs are “Not Allowed” ‘Lovers rock’ and “pantyhose” “birds don’t sing” All of the songs that are list are very pretty and beautiful. But the one that stands out the most is pantyhose. It reflects on a book by Tim O’Brian writer of the book Called “the things they carried”  specifically in the chapter called stocking. Okay so the song is called pantyhose and the panty hose represent an item that their past lover had given then before going to war. It still happen to smell exactly like their lover did. It made them believe that the pantyhose were their lucky charm. The whole song is the chapter but in song form and it’s written perfectly to how people think they would imagine. Tv Girl is a new up and coming group of talent that knows how to make fantastic music about different topics that needed to be talked about. They help people cope in most ways because there’s songs about deeper things, I do 100% recommend listening to them.

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