Save Our Oceans


Alamy Stock Photo

J7YDKX Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Canthidermis maculata, hiding in the middle of plastic garbage.

Saige Sewell, Writer

The ocean plays a very important role in the world and people still think it’s okay to pollute. The plastic that goes into the ocean is very likely to to remain there and keep building. Our marine life is becoming very vulnerable and these animals are ingesting the plastic and dying. 80% of the trash in the ocean enters through storm drains and other forms of runoff. along with plastic, harmful chemicals, gasses, and sewage also goes into the ocean. Another form of pollution is noise and it is ignored by society. The sound waves from ships creates a kind of smog that is wiping out a lot of ocean landscape and killing many species. This also effects the animals that use sound to communicate and navigate like whales and dolphins. We have a long way to go to fix this issue but to start everyone needs to reduce their plastic use. You can start using reusable water bottles, bags, straws, and if you do use some plastic, try to find a new use for it. To reduce all the toxins in our air that eventually collect in the ocean we can drive electric cars. We need to find a way to make boats cleaner and quieter. The ocean is a very big and important ecosystem and we need to do everything we can to keep it alive.