Strawberry Milk vs Chocolate Milk

David Beas, Writer

Today, I am going to end the age-old debate of which is the better version of milk, chocolate or strawberry milk. Both are very unique kinds of drinks, taste wise. Chocolate milk has always been the more popular milk, maybe even more popular than plain milk at times. Before I tell you which milk is better, I’m going to analyze what each milk represents. 


Starting with the less popular of the two, strawberry milk. Strawberry milk is the forgotten child of milk, the son who was always in the shadow of his other brother’s success, Chocolate Milk. He was always the last one to be picked, and all he wanted was a warm embrace from his father, but he never received one. Strawberry milk was never a bad drink , and when you sit down and have a nice talk with strawberry milk you will realize that. The few who take the leap and give him a chance will find its true beauty. In my personal opinion strawberry milk is very underrated and just not appreciated as much as it should be.. 


Next up, is chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is the son that Milk always wanted. Milk always wanted to become like chocolate milk, the drink of choice to many breakfast enjoyers. However, he wasn’t able to succeed in his journey to become one of the best breakfast DRINKS. Milk left this task to his eldest son, Chocolate Milk and it’s safe to say he succeeded considering how popular the drink is. He’s the better tasting, more sought out version and with that being said, I think chocolate milk is the superior flavored milk.