Things To do on Your Thanksgiving Break!

Thanksgiving break is the first long break that we get as students. This is a Time where we get spend time with family and possibly your friends if you like friendsgiving. I personally use this break to make money and go to work Monday-Wednesday and use Thursday with family and Friday I have to attend a Friendsgiving with my favorite people. Things I usually do to keep myself busy throughout the week when I’m not at work are: go over to a friends house, Play video games, Meditate to keep myself calm. I think that this time around for break I will be doing a lot of resting for the stressful couples of months I’ve had.Somethings that I did on my break were:

Baked a new recipe

Cooked and new recipe

Went on a late night drive with my siblings and sister-in-law

Went to target multiple times throughout the week for food I was going to make for the thanksgiving feast

I re-organized my room a couple time and decorated it with new things.

There are so many more things to do but, as long as your enjoying your time then that’s also great.

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