Why You Should Go Thrift Shopping Instead Of Retail Stores

Aidan Murguia, writer

since thrift stores are considered a second-hand store, Whitch means that they come from people who usually donate them and small businesses take them in and resell them for a small portion of the price. This is the best way to have less carbon emission and other things that damage the environment from man-made machines. Since fast fashion is a huge problem wit the earth also 75% of those clothes that are made to be sold at retail chains and people wear them a couple times then end up throwing them away instead of donating them to people in need.Thrift ┬ástores are not only helping the emissions but, it also helps the community out with people who might not be able to afford clothes from fast fashion retail stores. Almost all of the thrift stores around in Santa Maria are locally owned as well so that’s another way you’d be doing a good deed for the community.

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