Finals Week/Winter Break


Maya Pettiford, Writer

We have less than two weeks left of school until Winter Break. Next week is finals week therefore we will have a different schedule on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The last day of school is December 17, and we will be on break for three and half weeks. Everyone return to school on Thursday, January the 13th. Students will not be returning on Monday because there are three staff development days in a row. It also happens to be Martin Luther King J. Day the following Monday so we will be at school two days before we have another day off.

Finals Schedule:

Wednesday 12/15 –

1st- 7:30-9:20

break- 9:20-9:40

6th- 9:40-11:30

lunch- 11:30-12:00

7th- 12:10-2:00


Thursday 12/16 –

2nd- 8:30-10:20

lunch- 10:20-10:50

3rd- 11:00-12:50


Friday 12/17 –

4th- 8:30-10:20


5th- 11:00-12:50