How Trees Communicate


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Beautiful green bamboo forest in Japan

Saige Sewell, Writer

Believe it or not trees are actually social creatures. Trees are constantly working together to withstand in this harsh world. Trees are able to send nutrients to other trees in need through their root systems. They are able to send out chemical, Hormonal, and slow-pulsing electrical signals to other trees. Trees also communicate by scent. When one tree senses danger they are able to send out a powerful scent to warn others. The trees get help with communication from a network of latticed fungi underneath the soil. These fungi send mycelium, which is a mass of threads, through the soil. While the fungi collects the water and nutrients and delivers it to the tree it takes sugar from the tree. The relationship in which both the tree and fungi benefit is called mycorrhiza. Since these plants are able to communicate and help each other they must have some type of feeling so be nice to them.