Stephanie Soo the True Crime Junkie

Need a true crime podcast?

Well, you’ve come to the right article. For about two months I have been regularly listening to the “Rotten Mango Podcast”. The person that runs this podcast is a woman by the name of Stephanie Soo. Stephanie Soo also has two YouTube channels each with over 1 million subscribers.

(This is Stephanie and her fiancĂ©. He doesn’t want his identity revealed, so he wears the panda mask)

I like her podcasts because she goes in depth as if she were there. She doesn’t add any unnecessary sounds, sounds that try to add a more or less dramatic affect. She does have a few sponsored ads, but that’s not a problem. Because of the apple podcast feature of skipping ahead 30 seconds, you can just bypass the ads. However, some of the sponsored ads are helpful or interesting. I can’t put a picture of the cover from her podcasts, but I will put a link at the bottom of this article. Her podcast is available on most platforms.

She has another podcast called “Baking A Murder”. The difference between the two podcasts is in one she’s baking while telling a story, in the other she’s just telling the story.

Fun Fact:

Stephanie was able to launch her own merchandise website.

Links to her Social Media and Podcasts:

Stephanie’s Instagram

Stephanie’s Merchandise Website