Aidan Murguia, Writer

ABBA is a Swedish band group that first started their band in 1972 and are still very popular to this day. This band consists of 4 band members Agnetha Faltskog as the lead singer. Bjorn Ulvaeus as the Singer,Song Writer and Producer, Benny Andersson as the Singer, musician, Composer and producer. Anni-lyngstad and the founder of the group she is the singer and song writer as well as an environmentalist in her free time. This group is still making music in 2021 almost after 49 years of making music. They made topping charts during the years of: 1974, 1983 and as well as 2021. Their first song to ever be published was a song called “People Need Love” it’s a beautiful song with lots of meaning behind it. mAny songs were made after that hit. Sadly the group broke up in 1984 due to their popularity and 2 of them being married to each other it just tore their relationship apart. From having to deal with being super stars to having to have their own life while still being married. After 10 years of them being broken up a combined album called “ABBA Gold’ was made. It made the best seller so fast after it came out. Then when that was released their song called Mamma Mia was asked to be used on Mamma Mia and ofc they took that opportunity and it was a great decision because Mamma Mia was a hit within the broadway community. ABBA has made so many fantastic songs all of them are classics and should be listened too. Some songs I’d recommended listening to are: Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, And Fernando. Those three songs are my favorite from them. and you might like them as well!

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