Strawberry Festival

Aidan Murguia, Writer

Once a year the county throws a festival called The Strawberry Festival. It’s called this because it’s when the peak time and season of strawberry growth. the days that its going to happen this year is April 29th, 30th, and May first . Not only will there be rides to ride but there will also be a car show. There was about 2,000 cars in 2021. Covid was still at peak in April-May so they had the people that were participating In the car drive through/Show to remain in their car. The all-time favorite food booths featured strawberry flavored foods and drinks. Some of the favorites were strawberry shortcake served at Fanny‚Äôs Fabulous Funnel Cake, cinnamon rolls from Old West Cinnamon Rolls and Log Cabin Kettle Corn. I do encourage everyone to go to the festival at least one time to see if you’d like to either participate in the car show or even just go just to go.