San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market


Maya Pettiford, Writer

Every Thursday night since 1983 San Luis Obispo has hosted a farmers’ market. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 they had to close down for over a year. Downtown SLO, the nonprofit organization that runs farmers’ market, now has the beloved tradition back up and running. The market is open from 6:00 – 8:30 pm, but getting there early is always a good idea because of how busy it can get.

They close off Higuera street, so cars can’t pass through, and have vendors come and set up a ton of booths all the way down the street. They have a variety of vendors selling things like fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, food, jewelry, soaps, and more. My favorite booths at the farmers’ market are always the fruit stands. The fruit that they sell is always good quality for an amazing price compared to what you get in the grocery store.

They often have live entertainment that you can sit down on the sidewalk and watch as well. This coming up Thursday the 27th, there will be three live entertainers. Jineanne Coderre, Bremen Town, and the Honeyboys. Jineanne Coderre will be at the corner of Chorro and Higeuera, Bremen Town will be at Morro and Higuera, and the Honeyboys will be at Nipomo and Higuera. There will also be a bounce house at Broad and Higuera for the kids. I think everyone should try and go to the farmers’ market for a guaranteed good time.