New Additions To Menues

Fast food chains are offering more and more plant-based options.

Over the years there has been fast food chains and restaurants that have been offering vegan/vegetarian options such as the impossible burger patties. However, that’s as far as most food chains have gone. In the past year chipotle announced their new plant-based chorizo, which is available in all locations. In addition, KFC came out with plant based chicken nuggets, which are also available in all locations. These two major chains are definitely setting the example for other large food chains. I think that these companies are highly benefiting from these new additions, since there is more and more vegan/vegetarian people each day. Now, they profit more from being able to incorporate vegans/vegetarians as customers. In addition I’m sure a lot of vegans and vegetarians also really appreciate being able to order something with sufficient protein that meets their diet. I think it’s safe to say that these companies have already played a big part in influencing other companies. For example, Panda Express has been testing their Beyond Original plant-based Orange Chicken in selected locations since August of 2021, and they are planning on expanding these options in more locations.  Also, McDonald is planning on releasing their McPlant burger in 600 stores in the San Francisco and Dallas area starting Feb.14. Finally, Little Caesars is scheduled to release their meatless pepperoni in mid July of this year.