Notre X Vans Collab

David Beas, Writer

The Chicago based retail shop, Notre, is releasing another shoe collab with Vans, that I am personally looking forward to. Notre is sticking with the classic Vans Old Skool silhouette, with 3 colorways. Each color-way is designed after cafe drinks. The brown representing expresso, the green represents matcha, and the blue and grey representing tea.  Each pair replaces the classic stripe on the side of the shoe with Notre’s handshake logo. The concept for this specific team-up was to shine a light on small delights that connect us all, one being the way we enjoy our beverages. This shoe will be releasing February 3rd on the Notre website for 90$.

My thoughts:

I personally love design and Notre’s take on redesigning a classic shoe. I think the green is the best color-way, but I also like the earthy color of the brown one. I think replacing Van’s signature stripe with Notre’s handshake is smart and placed very appropriate. Usually, I see shoe collaborations and I go “oh those are cool”, but I never actually look to buy them on release day. But with these, I’m very tempted to snag a pair because of the relatively cheap price tag and the meaning behind them. Easily one of the best shoe collaborations of the year, so far.