Later Start To Schools???

Aidan Murguia , Writer

Right now we have 2 options as to when we would want to start our classes. Our choices are 7:30am and 8:30am. This has been a thing for years now at Righetti. Until a couple of years ago when I was in 6th grade my teacher said that in the school years of 2022-2023 they will start making all students start at 8:30 no matter what. Why? the people that work at the schools think that kinds deserve more time to sleep longer in order to succeed for school. Everyone thought it would be good back in 6th grade but now that most of us are used to starting at 7:30 and get out at 2pm. That has been our school schedule for like 3 years now and are okay with it now. But now that they are making everyone start at 8:30 that means that there will be so much traffic in the morning goin to school and nowhere to park for all students and staff. If I were to take a guess I think that there will be many many more tardy in people’s first period for the first month of school. Not only will people be getting to school later but we will be getting out later as well. In people have a 7th period they will be getting out after 4pm!!! that insane. Do I think that this is a good idea for the schools to start to do? I actually dislike the changes that will be made ┬ábecause I have a routine already for what times I do things and don’t do things. I think the most impacted will be all the sports players like myself. having to get out later means that we will have shorter practice because the coaches understand that we can’t have 3 hours of practice at 5 to 8 and still have time to do homework and just things at home.

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