Purrfect Tale – A Mobile Game

Purrfect Tale is a simulation game where you get to play the main character. You don’t get to customize the character’s look, however, you do control her actions. When you earn enough hearts you get to use her journal. this is where the storyline begins. You are also able to have a garden, kitchen, and a stroll option that allows you to travel outside. These are unlocked as you read the stories held in the journal. There is also a little claw game that you can play to get different food ingredients, clothing, foods, furniture, etc.

The story is about the life of a high school student. It shows how she struggles with her dream, her passions, and the relationships between her friends and families with various “puzzles”. These puzzles help you understand the different characters in the game.

Oliver sleeps on her head ( snippet form journal story )

As you might have guessed from the title, it is a cat game. You unlock different cats by reading the stories and capsules from the claw machine. To place more cats in your home, you have to unlock rooms to expand the capacity. Before you place the cats down you have to name them. You can decorate each room to your liking. Cats will sit or lay down on certain pieces of furniture like these:



To buy furniture and such, you have to get money. To earn money, you have to take care of the cats’ needs. Here are some of the things you need to do (I will be using Oliver and Pepper for my examples):

You can also get special cats, like Oliver. He is a major part of the storyline and is one of the few cats that can turn into a human form.

There is much more you can do as you use the journal like I said earlier. I will warn you this game is addicting. The storyline of this game is incredible. It does leave you on cliffhangers, but what is good story if it doesn’t have cliffhangers?  The game is available on IPhone and Android. Happy Gaming!