Ways To Start Budgeting

As the days go on and on as high schoolers we start to grow to an age where we have to soon be a financially independent. The only way for us as high schoolers to grow with ourselves is to first get a job. Job interviews can be a make or break for so many people. it can be very formal from meeting in person to not being as formal to where it can be over the phone at this point. But when that day does come just be confident with yourself and speak as clearly as possible. As a high schooler I think some good jobs right now are either food service or customer service especially since a lot of us barley have had a conversation with a different person everyday and working in a service where you deal with different people everyday is really good. Now that we have gotten down what is a a good job for us we can start a budget. If school happens from 7:30 to 2:55 Then we’d probably be scheduled for around 3:30-4pm and get off around 8 that seems about average. Working 4 hours a day for 3 days of the weeks making $15/h that = to about 180 a week without weekends. If anything I think at least 25-50 should be put into savings and the $120 dollars for you to spend it on what you need. The key to budgeting is to get needs not wants all the time/ Do you want that item or do you need the item. Of course its okay to spoil yourself once in a while. Spoiling yourself is the best way to cope with things but don’t let commercial shopping get too much in life. Also if you are or deciding to go to collage or school of anything its best to start a separate account and have it solely have funds for collage for everything that might be needed.

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