Weathering With You – Review

Weathering With You - Review

Weathering With You is a film produced by CoMix Wave Film.  This movie is about a boy, Hodaka Morishima, who runs away to Tokyo. There he meets a girl, Amano Hina. They swiftly meet in the beginning when she offers him a meal, but eventually, Hodaka saves her from being forced into a club that she doesn’t want to go into. They hit it off from there and become a little more than best friends, however not more than lovers (only in the beginning). If you want to learn more, you should definitely watch this movie.

Weathering With You is an anime romance fantasy movie. In my opinion, it is also a slice-of-life kind of movie. It shows how both characters grew up, in an easy-to-understand mindset.  Hodaka was tired of living in a boring family and Hina was taking care of her brother. Though I wouldn’t run away from my family as Hodaka did, I would try to find a way around it.


I do have a question for after Hodaka and Hina meet again.

What happened to Nagi?

He is Hina’s younger brother he did play a main part in the movie, although the ending doesn’t show what happened to him at the end.

Where’s Natsumi?

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention hard enough, but it doesn’t show what happened to her either. She helped Hodaka get to his final destination before meeting Hina.

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