A&E’s Nightwatch: Opinion/Review



Image from AETV.com

Ana Espinoza, Writer

Nightwatch: Ride Along

A&E’s Nightwatch is an adrenaline filled show, showing the point of view of different first responders such as EMS, Police, and Fire. Taking place in New Orleans, it revolves around the first responders and how they handle their jobs. Particularly at night when most of the action happens.

Nightwatch consists of four seasons and a new season rumored to release (According to 44 BLUE productions) .

Watch Nightwatch, Season 3 | Prime Video

As for my thoughts on the show, I find the show very entertaining. However this show does contain graphic images, so view discretion is advised. If you are queasy and don’t like the sight of any injuries, don’t worry as you can find censored versions of each episode.

Speaking of finding episodes. Nightwatch is available to view on HULU, Prime video, VUDU, Philo, Spectrum TV, Frndly TV, A&E, or Apple TV

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