Summer Activities To Do!

Aidan Murguia, Writer

Since summer is very close  and being from a small town I find many different ways and creative ways to do things when I’m bored. Especially since a lot of us don’t have our drivers license we can really go out and do things on our own so here are a few examples of things to do during summer if you’re bored.

You can invite friends over for like a movie night and possibly a sleep over, Cook and bake for your family, Go to the beach with friends at night and have a bonfire and then jump in the water as a group!!. Families during the summer usually go on vacation and spend time with each other so that can be a good way to bond with your siblings and parents. Go on as many spontaneous trips as you can go on as they make your life interesting cause you didn’t expect to go somewhere and then you could possibly have a good time where your at. As long as you surround yourself with good people and have consistency with them summer will always be fun.

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