Some Boys Book Review


Maya Pettiford, Writer

After your typical Friday night high school party Grace accuses the town’s golden boy Zac of rape. Everyone in her life believes him over her. She loses her friends and her reputation all in one fell swoop. That’s when she meets Ian, who is her old crush and Zac’s best friend. When they are both forced to clean lockers together after school, they begin to get to know one another and Ian starts to question who is really telling the truth. 

Some Boys by Patty Blout was written to tell a very important message about how women are often ostracized by everyone around them and looked won on when they tell the truth about what happens to them. 

As much as I really want to like this book because of the message it portrays, it is just not my favorite. There were a lot of points in the book that had potential to be great, but just fell short. To me it felt very “boy shows up to save girl and everything is magically okay”. It took me longer to finish this book than it usually does because once I got to the last four chapters I knew exactly what was going to happen and I had no motivation to finish it. Overall I would rate this book a 6/10.