Philipine Eagle


The Philippine Eagle was first discovered in Bonga, Samar, in the Philippines. It was described as a monkey-eating bird. It didn’t eat monkeys, but it also ate colugos all the way up to monitor lizards. Philippine Eagles are on of the biggest flying birds with a wing span of 7 feet.

The Filipino Eagle have a black and grey beak. These eagles also have a light greenish-blue eyes. Their eyes are said to be see more clearly than humans and see 8 times better. The feathers are white on the inside with a brown-colored pattern on the back and wings, also have a lighter brown colored crown.

These birds may be cool but they only live up to 30-60 years based on the captivation of them. It has been said that the bird “Thor” lived up to 40 years old. These birds were said to be seen by a British. I do have my doubts about this person , but I wasn’t there so I have no say.

Author’s Note

This bird interested me because I wasn’t really expecting much coming from the Philippines. I do know about some folklore though.

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