NBA Playoffs 2022 Start


David Beas, Writer

The NBA Playoffs are here, but first we have to get through the play-in tournament to see who will be facing the 1st and 2nd seed in their appropriate conference. I think the addition of the play in tournament since last year is fun. I’ve always enjoyed 1 game elimination type tournaments, but I don’t think it’s a big factor in the entire playoffs as a whole. What I mean by that is that the teams playing in the play in tournament are lower seeds and even if they get through the play in they’re going to end up losing to the higher seeds unless they perform a huge upset. But I digress, this years playoffs are going to be very exciting because there are no clear winners, but if I had to pick I think this is the Phoenix Sun’s year. The play in tournament starts April 12 and continue through April 15. The actual playoffs begin Saturday, April 16. This is the schedule for the play in as well as the first round of the playoffs