KFC Mac n Cheese Review


David Beas, Writer

So initially this was supposed to be a Jack Harlow meal review, but when my friend and I arrived we didn’t see it on the menu. If you don’t know who Jack Harlow is, he is an Lousville, Kentucky rapper with many popular songs such as “Whats Poppin”, “First Class”, and “Nail Tech”. I’ve been a big fan of Jack for a few years now and within the past 2 years or so has he gotten mainstream attention and it’s exciting to see a Kentucky based fast food establishment collaborate with him. I guess the KFC we went to didn’t have it though, so we decided to get one of the things that was in his meal, and that was the Mac n Cheese. I really like Mac n cheese I think it’s the best side you can have. We both expected it to be good ,so we got a large. Little did we know, that was a huge mistake, because it was terrible. It wasn’t good, like at all. There’s no way Jack is eating that. The noodles tasted like they had been sitting for hours and as soon as we ordered, they were mixed with the most basic, flavorless cheese sauce imaginable. It was like Kraft mac n cheese, and listen, there Isn’t anything wrong with Kraft if you like that. But when you pay $7 for mac n cheese, you’re expecting it to be half decent and this one just wasn’t. We took 1 bite and closed the lid. Popeyes would never do me dirty like this