Senior Spotlight Class of 2022

Calista Freeland, Writer/Editor

The Instagram account, warriors.class.of.2022, a non school-affiliated account for this year’s senior class-ran by ASB members-is doing a Senior Spotlight in which you can submit yourself or a friend to be featured on their Instagram page. The purpose of these posts is to celebrate seniors and the colleges that they have chosen to go to. All are welcome to fill out the form, which is available at this link:

The form asks seniors to write about themselves and include information regarding their clubs and activities, plans after high school, the college that committed to, their major, their favorite memory of high school, a fun fact, other accomplishments and a question to their future self.

This is not to be taken too seriously and is simply a way for your peers to learn about what your plans are after high school. Please remember to put *asterisks* around information you specifically want to be included in the post. Posts will include a picture of yourself of your choice, your major, the logo of the school you are attending, and a description about you and your future plans based on the information from the form.

Remember, this account is non school-affiliated and the school cannot be held accountable for the posts made or the submissions you make. Whether you’re going to Allan Hancock, a trade school, or a 4-year university, all submissions are welcome. The goal is to encourage all seniors to be proud of their accomplishments during high school and look forward to their upcoming years as adults.

The warriors.class.of.2022 also posts important information about senior events including spirit days, prom, Grad Nite, and graduation. If you are a senior, this is a great way to connect with other seniors and find all the information you need in one place!

Even if you do not want to be featured, please support your fellow warriors and congratulate them on their successes! Please keep all comments positive and appropriate.

Account link: