Blossom: The Plant Care App

Calista Freeland, Writer/Editor

I love my plants. Having them in my room makes it so beautiful and I love the air-purifying benefits that they have. However, if you’re like me, it can be hard to know when to water them, what is wrong with them, or remember when to take care of them. Blossom is a great way to diagnose plant problems, set a watering schedule, and identify your plants so you can learn more about them. Blossom is free, but you can also subscribe so that you can have unlimited reminders for your plants. For me, the basic free account is perfect because I only have four plants in my room, two of which are technically separated from the same fig plant.

Blossom is easy to use. You can snap pictures of your plant, and the app can identify problems with your plant or just identify the plant if you are not sure. Blossom isn’t just for beginners, when you download the app, they have a quiz that you take in which you can select your experience level and reasons for using the app. It also provides alerts for your plants regarding UV exposure, air quality, etc.


Another amazing feature of Blossom is having access to botanists if the diagnosis of your sick plant isn’t enough. You can fill out the information and include photos and a botanist can help you figure out the best way to treat them. Additionally, Blossom is a community-centered app. There are different courses involving topics like repotting, organic insecticides, and types of plants that fit your lifestyle.

The app is also amazing for setting reminders regarding watering your plants. I often am unsure when to water my plants and I also sometimes forget to water them. Based on the plant you have, you can set reminders on when and how to water them. Additionally, you can use their online journal system to write notes about the well-being of your plant.

Lastly, your plants can be organized and categorized by the room where they are located in. For me, all of my plants are in my bedroom. Each room also has different light levels, so the app can give you suggestions not only on the individual plants or the household as a whole but based on the different rooms that make up your indoor garden. Again, this app can also be used for outdoor plants and there are options including balcony, patio, porch, and other outside areas.

Blossom is a great way to improve your “plant parent” abilities. The app is beautifully designed and simple to use. There are many great articles and features that can give your plants the best chance of survival. No matter your experience level or type of plant, Blossom can help you based specifically on these features.