School Babysitters: Anime Review


Ana Espinoza, Writer


School Babysitters goes over the story of Ryuuichi Kashima and his little brother Kotarou. In the show Kashima loses his parents in a place crash and now has to take care of his baby brother. The two boy are then taken in by a chairwomen of an elite academy Youko Morinomiya and are under her care. However in exchange for living with Youko, Kashima is enrolled in the academy run by her and is put in the schools babysitters club

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My Thoughts:

The show is very wholesome and super cute. It has 12 episodes and each are about 2o minuets long. You can easily attach yourself to the characters, especially the little ones, as they all have unique personalities. As for my favorite character, personally I do like the main characters Ryuuichi and Koutarou, but other than that I also like the twins. The twins are so adorable and their personalities are opposite of each other. I would like to say more about it but you just have to go and watch it yourself.