Where To Buy Your Anime Merchandise


Ana Espinoza, Writer

If you’re an anime fan the biggest challenge we all suffer is, “where do I buy good quality anime merchandise?” Well now you don’t have to question yourself any longer, because I got you. So let’s go over the eight online shops were you can buy your merchandise.(There is no order to this list, just going off by memory)Anime Merch & Figures‎ | Anime Shop | Crunchyroll Store

1: Store.Crunchyroll.com

Starting off with Crunchyroll, this site sells anime dvd’s, Crunchyroll exclusives, figures that are under $40, funko pops (if you’re into that), nendroids, and pre-order items.

2: Amiami.com

Amiami is a second-hand store based in Japan, but don’t worry the online store ships to the U.S.. Amiami provides figures, plushies, mini mecha toys, nendroids, anime themed plates, games, and soundtracks. However not all things in the online store are second-hand (even though there is a section for second-hand products) , you can buy any sales items or new products.

3. Animate.shop.com or en.animate.onlineshop.jp

Both of these online shops are owned by the same place, however one ships to the U.S. and Canada. Both stores do sell pretty much the same things, but animate.shop does have more products and sell a wider range. Such as eco bags, acrylic stands, buttons, keychains, clothes, stage play dvd’s and more.

4. Buyee.JP

Buyee. JP is a proxy service with multiple other sites connected to it such as: Japan Yahoo auctions, Mercari, Amazon Japan, ect. The site is easy to use and gives you a step by step process on how to bid or purchase your items. This site you can buy: figures, drama CD’s, plushies, clothes, buttons, pins, and more.

5. Ataikukuji.com

AitaiKuji is an online store that has products straight from Japan and ships it to the U.S. without a proxy. The site sells items from nendroids, plushies, figurines, cosplay, keychains, kitchen wear, cloths, and other special items. Ranging form anime, video games, and manga

6. Ukiyokumo.com

UkiyoKumo, just like some previous sites on this list, sells from Japan shipping to North America. UkiyoKumo provides: Apparel such as shirts, hats, socks hoodies ect, nendoroids, figures plushies, posable figures, model kits, Q Posket, and much much more.


Fandomaniax is known for their high quality products for a good price. They have swim wear, workout cloths, personalized merch, kitchen wear, bags, puzzles, beach towels ect. Even though most of their products are of reasonable price, there are some special items that are over $40.


Now finally the last online store that sells anime merch. You obviously probably knew about this, for those who didn’t (which is honestly surprising because how did you not know?ANYWAY!)they sell anime inspired apparel,  jewelry, figures, plushies, plus more.

Well, now you more online sites were you can spend all your money. You’re welcome and you can thank me later. Have fun shopping!