Fashion Throughout the decades

Aidan Murguia , Writer

Starting with the 80’s fashion. the 80’s was seen to be have very bright colors and and different shapes and designs when it came to clothing. but there was also a lot of professionalism when it came to them going to work and having a uniform. Most would wear either 1 tight dress for they would mix and match different items and different colors to see if they went and it usually did and worked great. As for the men they’d most likely be seen in a tuxedo on the daily or even just a simple blazer to put over what they were wearing.

90’s fashion is where more and more celebrities would come up on magazines and wear something completely out of the ordinary from 80’s fashion. this was also the era of hip hop style and the beginning go street wear compared to where it is today .

2000’s this is where everyone started to not care what people thought about what they were wearing or even what hairstyle they were going to do, or even what jewelry they’d put on as well. alot of the inspo was from tv shows and even shows on channels like Nickelodeon and Disney. this was also the time where big glasses and big hair was also really big