Aidan Murguia, Writer

Rebelution is a reggae band that started in 2004. they’ve made 8 albums and has had many of their songs in the top 100 charts. Their most popular song is “pretty lady” (based on Apple Music charts)and there are so many songs that can be recognizable from them as well. Songs like “feeling alright” and “sky is the limit” are the 2 songs that come to my mind when I think of this band. There are four band members and their names are Eric Rachmany(Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter), Rory Carey (Keyboards), Marley D. Williams (Bass), and Wesley Finley (Drums). All of them went to UCSB and they all graduated from there as well. This band has and will always have a soft spot in my heart. I was first introduced to them by my oldest brother. He really likes reggae music and the moment he showed me this type of music I was instantly attached. My 2 favorite songs that they have came out with are “Safe and Sound” and “Fade Away”

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