Righetti Fashion

Styles and Trends

Josiah Perez, Head Editor

Students dress in a variety of different ways at our school. For the most part, people at our high school are unlike those at any other. That is, some stick to trends, some dress a little more laid-back, and others pay no mind for what they wear. You’ll likely see most people here at Righetti wear popular clothing brands like Nike and Adidas. Often, they dress in a casual-sports way; sometimes fitted with shorts and a tee, other times with sweats and a sports brand top. A handful of others go for different trending looks, like the skater or “mom-jeans” look. Skaters often wear brands like Thrasher and Santa Cruz, while those who go for the “mom-jeans” look usually wear cuffed pants with vintage clothing.

These are some of the most popular looks to be seen here on campus. Though, there are many other popular clothing styles you may have also noticed around school; one being ripped denim jeans. They have grown popular among both boys and girls. Another is wide-leg pants, which are mostly seen on girls, but sometimes on boys to. Loose, tucked shirts, horizontally striped shirts, black and white Vans, Birkenstocks, and denim jackets have become favorites of many students as well. 

The majority of the rest dress casually or in their own way. Still, trends dominate the fashion senses of most students at our high school.