Worldwide Beats Week 2

Get recommended a new track from somewhere in the world every week


Quinn Wright, Writer

Do you like music?  Are you looking to expand your music tastes internationally? Well that’s what this article’s for, welcome to Worldwide Beats, where we recommend songs from all over the world to help YOU diversify your playlist.

Today’s song is coming straight from Spain with Hey! by Julio Iglesia

Julio was born in Madrid, Spain and signed with the Spanish branch of Colombia Records in 1986. Iglesias’s music career started after spending his time as a goalkeeper on Real Madrid Castilla Club de Fútbol from 1960-1964. Julio is renowned in the Latin music world having won a Grammy, Latin Grammy, World Music Award, Billboard Music Award, American Music Award, the Lo Nuestro Award, the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts of Spain and the Legion of Honour of France. UNICEF named him Special Ambassador for the Performing Arts in 1989 and he currently has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 1985. “Hey!” is a song written about the love of your life, and how you’ll always remember the one’s that you held dearest.