Local Rabbits for Adoption are Important too!


Savannah Vega, Writer

All animals deserve a home. I believe out of all the animals at the shelter, rabbits are the least looked at. Dogs and cats mostly come to mind because they’re the most common pets. What about rabbits? Sadly, they’re mostly bought for children during Easter. Then they get released into the wild to die since people can’t handle taking care of them. People need to understand rabbits aren’t made to be pets for children. Rabbits are meant to have matured owners, which is why you should consider getting one!

Rabbits are perfect if you prefer a quiet pet. Each rabbit has a different personality too. Some like to cuddle, play or even chill. If you’re worried about the mess they make, you can potty train them. You can find rabbits in your area by searching up “24petconnect.” You can also use “petfinder” but that website doesn’t update quickly. The website allows you to see pets information. An example would be this black rabbit to the left. Information includes “female, young, small. spayed.” This allows you to find a pet you’d prefer. At least give a different animal a try, you’ll never know how it’s like until you try. All animals deserve a chance to have a home.