The Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy Theory

The Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy Theory

Kelly Leyva, Contributor

You have probably seen the Chuck E. Cheese pizza conspiracy theory on social media of how they would reuse pizza slices. Well Chuck E. Cheese originally was found on may 17, 1977. Chuck E. cheese is a entertainment center for all ages of kids and famous for their delicious pizzas. It’s a place where kids can have fun and eat.¬†

Around the time of February 2019 there was some speculations about the pizza being recycled with other peoples leftovers. A famous youtuber named  Shane Dowson went to chuck E. cheese to investigate if the rumors were true. After that lots of people agree that Chuck E. cheese did reuse their pizzas, people even went to see if it was true. The reason why people thought it was recycled was because the the pizza slices would be very uneven and looked like they would just add cheese and cook them again to make them look if they have just made them.

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This backlash badly on the companies of Chuck E. cheese because people thought that they would reuse pizza and serve it to their kids and people were really disappointed/mad how they would let people and kids eat contaminated food. This also decreased the amount of people going to Chuck E. Cheese because they didn’t want their children eating that type of food.

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Last weekend I went to Chuck E. Cheese and try to figure out if they were just rumors or if it was true but the pizzas looked fine and they didn’t taste contaminated. Over time the pizzas could have been made out leftovers, but for now they are safe according to the worker. Chuck E. Cheese also responded to the rumors and said that they have been false rumors and said that the pizzas looked uneven because of how they would cut them. Do you still think that they could of possibly served reuse pizzas ?