Righetti Highschool vs. Pioneer Valley

Noah Kesner

Righetti Highschool plays Pioneer Valley for the battle of the helmets. Righetti Highschool traveling on bus 15-20 minutes with the whole team to play away on Pioneer Valleys home turf. Arriving at Pioneer Valley, Righetti Highschool seemed confident as ever unpacking from the bus garbing their gear and getting ready to warm and waiting for the game to start so they could take it to them. At kickoff Pioneer receives after Righetti wins the coin flip. Righetti kicks the ball and Pioneer starts their first drive, right off the rip Pioneer get stuffed and stopped to where Righetti gets their chance to put the ball in the endzone. Righetti getting their drive with the ball they take advantage, take it to them, and go score getting up 7-0. After, Righetti outstanding first drive going out and scoring showing their dominance, they would then have to kick the ball off again to Pioneer. Although, getting ahead early may seem exciting but Pioneer still has an opportunity to score. Pioneer starts their drive down field again to score, they get stuffed again by Righetti’s defense Righetti’s goes on to score repeatedly and again. Righetti Highschool had an amazing game, coming home with a victory 43-0.                                                                                                                                                               .